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Since starting this project, I have been constantly tweaking my framing style to come up with a design that enhances the photographs.


 - Barnboard - Initially, all of the frames for my prints were made from wood salvaged from a major renovation on our circa 1803 house.  I still have some of that wood available to make frames for special orders.  Once it's gone this style will be discontinued.

 - Rough Painted - The second set of frames that I made were out of rough lumber that didn't have the character of the old aged wood from my house.  A simple matte black paint adds a nice contrast to the artwork.

 - Narrow Smooth - My latest creation is a narrower frame with a chamfered edge.  The wood is smooth with a satin black finish and the photo is closer to the front of the frame.


These frames are built 1" larger than the image, so that the photo has a 1/2" margin around it and it floats inside the frame. 


 - Floating -  I mount a frame that is 4" smaller than the art on the back which spaces it out from the wall 3/4" and gives it a floating effect.  This would be instead of a frame.

In Stock photos are generally already framed and the frame style will be listed with each photo, however I can change frames easily upon request.


Special Order photos can be framed either in reclaimed wood (while supplies last), rough wood in black , narrow wood in black or floating .  Specify at the time of ordering.  If you'd prefer a different color, we can discuss that and an upcharge will apply. 


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