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Broad Brook Automotive Art

The Beauty of Decay

I’ve had an interest in vehicles as long as I can remember.  In particular, I am drawn to the design elements that make cars unique. This is especially evident from the late ‘40s until the mid ‘70s.  Designers used lots of chrome, hood ornaments, massive fins for a time and of course the two tone paint job.  Cars had personalities.  Of course this was all before aerodynamics and gas mileage were important and car design began to morph into boring plastic clad capsules that are mostly similar and have no soul.


In recent years I have become interested in exploring the artistic beauty of vehicles that have been discarded. I have come to see the rust and patina as texture and the dents, corrosion, moss and lichen as embellishments rather than detractors. All of these elements tell the story of these vehicles lives, just as our scars and wrinkles tell a bit about us as people.


All of these images are printed on aluminum in custom shadowbox frames, a style that I developed so that none of the artwork is lost under a mat.

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